Cameroons (UKTT)

Cameroons (UKTT) was a territory mandated to the British by the League of Nations in 1922. The area was a German Protectorate in late nineteenth century with the British, French, and Belgian troops occupying the area during World War I. Part of the area was mandated to France as Cameroun and the British mandate included Northern Cameroons and Southern Cameroons divided at the present-day Cameroun-Nigeria border. Following a plebiscite, Northern Cameroons became part of the independent state of Nigeria in 1960 and the Southern Cameroons were termed U.K.T.T. (United Kingdom Trust Territory). UKTT became part of Cameroun on October 1, 1961.

Philatelic Profile:

Red “Cameroons U.K.T.T.overprints on a Nigerian set oftwelve stamps (Scott #80 to #91) of 1953 were used in the area during 1960 and 1961. The issues were withdrawn from Northern Cameroons on May 31, 1961 when that area became part of Nigeria and in Southern Cameroons on September 30, 1961 when that area joined the Cameoun Federal Republic. The parent set from Nigeria is sought after and catalogs for around $55 MNH and around $15 Used. The designs show Manilla Bracelet Currency, Bornu Horsemen, Peanuts of Kano City, Mning Tin, Jebba bridge over Niger River, Cocoa Industry, Olokun Head in Ife Bronze, Logging Industry, Victoria Harbor, Palm Oil Industry, Cattle Industry showing Goats and Fulani, and Lagos Waterfront from the 19th and 20th centuries. The British Crown Head design or the QE head portrait design is featured in Inset on all stamps of this set. The U.K.T.T. overprints (Scott #66 to #77) were issued on October 1, 1960 and catalogs from around $20 MNH and around double that for Used.

Collectible Memorabilia:

Early 20th century colonial maps and late 19th century German maps are a very collectible item from the area. First prints coveringnative art, flora, and fauna are also sought after. Original photographs from the period covering the early 1950s to independence era of the early 1960s showing political or other union activism is another sought after item from the area. Original art work including postcards covering native pygmy and other ethnic themes are also sought after.

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Bushire is a seaport in Iran and is the capital city of Bushehr Province. It is located around 750 miles south of Tehran. In the nineteenth century, Bushire was the main seaport of the area although there are currently several other prominent ports in the country. Great Britain occupied the port in 1856 during the Anglo-Persian War and again in 1915. In recent times, Bushire was in the news as being close to the site of Bushire Nuclear Power Plant. The project was conceived as early as 1975 but was finally commissioned only in September 2011.

Philatelic Profile:

Philatelic items from Bushire include used in Bushire’ stamps from India and Great Britain along with Iranian stamps with “BushireUnder British Occupation” overprints issued in 1915. Most of the stamps from the period are sought after and highly collectible. Valuable Indian stamps used in Bushire include early issues with the 308 overprint in Used condition from the period between 1854 and the turn of the century. Certain inverted overprints and other errors also exist although there are very well executed forgeries in the market as well. Iranian stamp designs with the “Bushire UnderBritish Occupation” overprints include Ahmad Shah portrait issues, the Imperial Crown issues, King Darius Farvahar overhead issues, and ruins of Persepolis issues in different colors and denominations. A notable variety among theoverprints is the “no period after OCCUPATION” issues which fetch roughly double the premium compared to the regular varieties without the period. There are a total of twenty nine stamps along with fourteen “no period” varieties. It will however require quite an effort to assemble the complete set of these issues as some of them are very rare and valuable. The 2c blue & car, the 5c red, and the 6c olive green & car are the rarest and feature the Imperial Crown design. All the stamps in that set (Scott #N15 to #N29) issued in September 1915 fetch a premium upwards of $500 in Used or Mint condition. The first set (Scott #N1 to #N14) is also sought after and catalogs for around $2600 for Mint and around $2K for Used. The issues have the Lion watermark (161) and form a step in identifying forgeries. The “Used in Bushire” examples are also very collectible although the values vary widely depending on condition and whether the examples are on cover.

Coins and Collectible Memorabilia:

Bushire had a mint (Abu Shahr) and several coins of the nineteenth century were produced there. Copper coins with animal designs form the majority of the issues and they fetch around $40 or so in VF. Originalpostcards and photographs showing local scenes of nineteenth century life in Bushire fetch a premium into the $100s depending on condition. First editionsof Persian books covering the area are also very collectible.

British Honduras

British Honduras is present-day Belize located in the North East of Central America bordered by Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the South and West and the Caribbean Sea to the East covering around 8700 square miles. The area was first colonized by Spain in the seventeenth century but became a British Crown Colony in 1862, subordinate to Jamaica. It became an independent British colony in 1884. The colony was renamed as Belize in 1973 and became the last continental possession of the United Kingdom to become independent in 1981.  From 1964 to 1981, the colony was self-governing.

Philatelic Profile:

The first stamps of British Honduras were QV key types issued in 1866. Prior to that, philatelic items of the area consist of certain prestamp philatelic markings and Great Britain stamps used in British Honduras. The first set consisted of three stamps (Scott #1 to #3) in different colors and denominations that ranged from 1p to 1sh. The set is sought after and catalogs in the $800 range for Mint and less than half that for used. Certain combinations in vertical and horizontal gutter pairs are known to exist and they catalog upwards of $30,000 - the distinct combinations exist as the 6p and 1sh denominations were printed only in a sheet with 1p early on. Surcharge varieties of the first set were the primary stamps used in British Honduras till around 1891. Several rare surcharge markings from this period exist and they fetch a premium well into the 1000s. Another QV key type set debut in 1891 (Scott #38 to #46) and that along with some charge varieties and key types ofKEVII and KGV formed the bulk of British Honduran stamp issues during the period through 1937. The only other issues from the area were common design types. Many of the issues from the period are sought after and very collectible.

The first original issue of British Honduras was a long set of twelve stamps (Scott #115 to #126) issued in 1938. The set is valuable and catalogs for around $80 MNH and around $45 Used. The designs show a KGVI head portrait as an inset along with a scene of local relevance: Mayan Figures, Chicle Tapping, Cohune Palm, Local Products, Grapefruit Industry, Mahogany Logs on River, Sergeant’s Cay, Dory, Chicle Industry, Belize Court House, Mahogany Cutting, and Seal of Colony.

Several Common Design Types were the mainstay of British Honduras stamp issues during the period till 1953. The only release outside this theme was a set of six stamps (Scott #131 to #136) issued on January 10, 1949 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of St. George’s Cay. The designs show St. George’s Cay and H.M.S. Merlin. The set is common and can be had for a few dollars. It is however very collectible. A local scenes set of twelve stamps (Scott #144 to #155) appeared in 1953 and that set continued to be sold till 1957. The designs show a QEII head portrait as inset along with local scenes: Arms, Tapir, Legislative Council Chamber and mace, Pine industry, Spiny lobster, Stanley Field Airport, Mayan Frieze, Blue Butterfly, Maya, Armadillo, Hawkesworth Bridge, and Pine Ridge Orchid.

Common Design Types continued to dominate the scene until 1962 when British Honduras started issuing stamps in brilliant colors to promote visual appeal. First was a stunningly beautiful set of twelve stamps featuring Birds issued in April 1962 in the theme “Birds in Natural Colors”. The set is very sought after and catalogs for around $75 MNH and around one-third that for Used. The designs show QEII head portrait as a top-right inset along with the main bird design: Great Curassow, Red-legged honeycreeper, American Jacana, Great Kiskadee, Scarlet-rumped tanager, Scarlet Macaw, Massena Trogon, Redfooted Booby, Keel-billed Toucan, Magnificent Frigate Bird, Rufoustailed Jacamar, Montezuma Oropendola. Another very collectible set is the Fish type, a set of twelve stamps released on October 15, 1968. It uses a very similar design with the British Crown instead of QEII as inset: Jewfish, White-lipped Peccary, Sea Bass (Grouper), Collared Anteater, Bonefish, Paca, Dolphinfish, Kinkajou, Yellow-and-green-banded muttonfish, Tayra, Great Barracudas, and Mountain Lion.

Numismatic Profile:

Several countermarked coins were in use in the area starting around the late 18th century. The ‘GR’ monogram was used in several coins in the early 19th century and crown over ‘GR’ was in use as well. The first such issue was a six shilling 1 penny silver coin dated between 1810 and 1818 with host dates between 1808 and 1811 (Mexico City 8 Reales). The issue is very valuable and fetch upwards of $800 in VF - better varieties are not known to exist.  Several other varieties exist and they generally fetch around the same price.

Decimal Coinage debut in 1885 with the issue of QV headcents in Bronze. They have mintage mintage in the 100,000 range. UNC varieties go for upwards of $75 and Proofs can be had for upwards of $250. Denominations from 1c to 50c exist and the higher denominations are in silver.  Premiums go up to around $1,500 for a 50 cent QV silver proof dated 1894. Token coinage consists of Brass Indian Head Rialsof 1871 and Copper numerals Pence by Henry Gansz of 1885. Mintages are unknown and UNC varieties go for upwards of $500.

Aviation in Stamps - Philatelic Auction Roundup

  1. RAF Anniversary Issue - B.I.O.T. - 1993 75th Anniversary (400309460790)A set of four stamps issued by British Indian Ocean Territory to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. The stamps are MNH and were originally purchased from The Westminster Collection`s "Aviation Heritage" Stamp Series and kept in a protective display page. The set usually sells at auction for around $5. A lot of other commonwealth island nations such as St. Kitts, Falkland Islands, Montserrat, Bahamas, Barbados, Ascension Island, Samoa, etc have issued similar sets for RAF anniversaries and they form a very good collectible theme. They are generally quite affordable as well and sells at auction in the same price range. 
  2. Inaugural Flight of SRN4 - Great Britain Hovercraft Issue of 1969 FDC (350581782963): An addressed and cancelled First Day Cover issued on 02/04/1969 to mark the inaugural Hoverlloyd to France. The heavy postmark says "Pegwell Bay", "Ramsgate Kent". The inscription on the cover says "Commemorating the first SRN4 Mountbatten Class Hovercraft Service between Ramsgate and Calais. The cancel is on a Allock & Brown 5d stamp.The cover is unusual and a copy in good condition can fetch over $10 at auction.
  3. Tonga - 1990 Natural Energy and Power Set (271019140846): The design shows windmills with the inscription "wave power a major new energy source" and "world oceans polluted, marine life under threat". The item is a monochrome proof by Walsall Security Printers of London, UK on a paper card. Around twenty of these per stamp were ever printed and as such is a very collectible item. It can fetch upwards of $20 at auction. 
  4. India - 2012 Cancelled Unaddressed 25th Anniversary Aviation Cover US (120951444494): The First Day Cover has a stunningly beautiful design with the inscription "25th Anniversary Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Government of India". The inscriptions are both in Hindi and English and the cancel is at New Delhi. 
  5. Germany - 1909-1912 - Set of four aviation poster stamp cinderellas (170879665056): German pre-world war I propaganda poster stamps - four early German aviation vignettes. The designs show fighter air-crafts in action, and Zeppelin. The issues are sought after by thematic collectors and usually fetch a few dollars at auction.
  6. Austria - 1935 - Rocket Mail postcard with rocket cachet (290745633465): Rocket Mail postcard signed by Frederich Meidl in used condition. The legend on the card reads "Geflogen MIT Raket N5" - it is on a design with a red cachet with rocket being launched as the main theme. There is "#309" scribbled in the lower left in blue ink. The item is rare and can easily fetch a premium of upwards of $50 at auction. 
  7. USA - 1978 - Concorde SST Air France Monitoring of Operations (160847739318): USA postcard issued 1977-1978 and postmarked 11/22/1978 at JFK. It was issued to mark the first anniversary of the first scheduled Concorde flights. The item is sought after and fetch upwards of $10 at auction. The inscriptions read 'FAA at JFK, Monitoring of Operations, OZONE'.
  8. Cuba - 1939 - Rocket Mail Cover Campo Experimental Habana Cuba (230828998867): A used rocket cover with postmarks that read 'Oct 1, 1939 Cuba Pre-ensayo Del Primer Cohete Postal Aereo" and "Cabo Experimental - Habana, Cuba". The cachet has the header "C.F.C. Primer Cohete Postal Aereo". The cover is very rare and can fetch upwards of $40 at auction. 
  9. Hong Kong - 1936 - Great Britain KGV RAF Flying Boat Airmail Cover (251113668368): The By Courtesy Air Mail Cover is used and addressed to Japan and has a handwritten inscription that reads "Via Flying Boat of the British Royal Air Force". The postmark on the cover reads "By Courtesy Air Flight Hong Kong China Japan Royal Air Force Feb 18th 1936". The cover is rare and can fetch upwards of $10 at auction. 
  10. Belgium 1930 - Airmail Set of Four Mint Never Hinged Planes (390443676932): The item is a nice single-colored set of four airmail stamps featuring an aircraft with different local scenes as background. The set trades for around $5 at auction.

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